UL-2085 Protected Generator Tanks

Protected Generator Base tanks are UL-2085 and UL-142 labeled tanks designed for storing flammable and combustible liquids. Our Fire Protected Generator Base Tanks are manufactured as “low-profile” rectangular tanks (using carbon or stainless steel), and capable of supporting the structural load of the generator and enclosure. The tank utilizes a lightweight monolithic insulation material between the inner and outer tanks that can be monitored for leakage, and provides two hour fire rating, impact and ballistic protection. Generator Base tanks have capacity up to 44,000 gallons. Every tank is subjected to a rigorous and continuous Quality Verification Standard throughout the fabrication process. Protected Gen-Base tanks comply with NFPA-30 and International Fire Code requirements for Fire Protected Fuel Storage Tanks. Custom fabrication is available and is a strength of General Industries, Inc.