FAST Fueler®

Factory Assembled Storage Tanks

Our newest innovation is the “FAST Fueler”. This system is a pre-engineered, fully assembled fuel storage tank package delivered to your site for easy installation. Simply provide the foundation and electrical service, and your system is ready to go. The “FAST Fueler” is a complete fueling system for diesel, gasoline, aviation fuels or bio-diesel that handles dispensing and management. Our systems meet or exceed recognized industry codes and standards for installation and operation. Our tanks are labeled and listed conforming to the Underwriters Laboratories UL-142® or UL-2085 Standards. Capacities for our systems range up to 50,000 gallons, and are flexible to meet varying requirements. This makes our system the perfect scalable solution whether you are servicing maintenance equipment, vehicles or aircraft. The “FAST Fueler” can be mobilized by simply relocating the tank to another site. “FAST Fueler” systems are an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to serve all of your fueling needs. FAST Fueler is a registered trademark of General Industries, Inc.

The Pre-Engineered "FAST Fueler®" is the solution for:

  • Large Fleet Fueling
  • Bulk-loaders
  • Motor Vehicle (Gasoline, Diesel)
  • Aviation Fueling Systems
  • E-85 and Bio-Diesel
  • Construction Companies
  • Boating Docks and Marinas
  • Asphalt and Chemical Dispensing areas
  • Plus many more…

Options for the "FAST Fueler®" include the following:

  • Stairs and Platforms
  • Card Readers (Credit Card Compatible)
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Hi / Lo Flow Pump Packages
  • Double Wall or Fire Protected
  • Interior Coatings (Jet”A” Fuel and requiring Chemicals)

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